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Toy Figures Auction

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A specialist auction of toy and lead figures

A specialist auction dedicated to lead, plastic and other figures.

Viewing will still be appointment only please!

The Peter Cowan Reference Collection lot 1-114

The Peter Cowan collection includes pieces by most of the major German makers, Noris (Gebruder Heinrich), Heyde, Krause, Haffner and Heinrichsen. Highlights are sets of Noris boxed 60mm City Imperial Volunteers in superb condition, a similar sized marching Prussian Army band, a boxed West Indian Regiment Band, mounted Boer War and WW1 Personality figures, and a few of the largest size figures produced in Germany . 

Peter had a long term association with the Britains company, and that is represented here by some original wax masters of the Selwyn Smith / Otto Gottstein Knights (later the Britains Knights of Agincourt range), and a Salesman’s Sample set of Cowboys and Indians. Peter’s interest in knights and heraldry is reflected in a small collection of knights by Courtenay, Selwyn Smith and Britains, and a comprehensive selection of the plastic knights shown in his book ‘Toy Knights: The Other 100 Years War’.

Included in the other properties are a large selection of Lineol and Elastolin military and Wild West figures, some  Hausser Elastolin sets including 1/742/748 wheeled anti-aircraft gun being pulled by searchlight lorry, 13550/1 wooden Pontoon Bridge and a boxed set 788/2 MG. auf Zwillingssockel mit Protze bespannt m. 2 Pferden. Along with a Heyde Biga there are Heyde soldiers and sailors, early British lead, and a comprehensive collection of Britains lead soldiers and farm figures.   

The McKay Military Collection Lot 115-172

Ian McKay died on the 8th April 2019, aged 89. He went to RMA Sandhurst and was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1949. His first posting was to a field regiment at Homs in Libya near Leptis Magna. On his return to the UK, he joined a Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment in the UK. As a Captain, he was a field and air defence gunner in Germany. Following the 1960 Staff College General Staff Officer Grade 2 (ranked a Major) course, lan became General Staff Officer 2(SD) at HQ Cyprus District Dhekalia. In 1963, when Cypriot Greek /Turkish relations exploded and British help was requested, he established an HQ at Nicosia and accompanied Maj Gen Young at the drawing of the Green Line. On completion of his tour at Cyprus District in February 1964, Ian was posted as a Battalion Commander to 5 Field Regt in Britain, later moving to Germany as an Abbot Self-Propelled regiment. Besides the rigours of training and exercises in Germany, next came a posting at Land Forces Persian Gulf, Bahrain, first as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General (DAQMG), secondly in all ranks followed by 2IC of a Field Regt in Germany. ln June 1971 he was promoted Lt Col and became CO Missile Ranges, the Hebrides. lan moved to the MOD as a General Staff Officer 1 (GSO 1) and in 1977 he became Defence Attaché in Damascus.  He bought a Range Rover and drove to Syria. After three years in Damascus, lan returned to the MOD; he was awarded the OBE. He retired in 1983. However, he applied and obtained a post in the MOD as a senior civil servant. Ian finally retired in 1989 and returned to Cheltenham to live in the house originally bought by his father. Researching his Scottish ancestry in the Highlands became a hobby. He was a generous host and particularly enjoyed the New Club and the Cheltenham Cricket Festival. Ian was predeceased by his wife Gay and is survived by his daughters Fiona and Virginia.   Britains loose post WW2 sets of 7 figures comprising of 197 Gurkha (missing 3 rifle butts)

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