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Buying at auction with Special Auction Services

Our team prides itself on combining a high level of honesty, expertise and professionalism. Our friendly attitude and personal service sees buyers and sellers returning regularly time after time.

Bidding at Special Auction Services is easy! You can use the Colour Printed Catalogue, or a Bidding Form (Link Below), or of course you can bid in person at our salerooms, or you can bid live using an internet bidding tool (Link Below).
Good luck & see you at The Auction!

"SAS have been a real help to me after I lost my husband. I could not have packed and transported all of my husband`s collection by myself. The service they provide is second to none. I would recommend them to anyone."

Mrs S.L from Hastings

Our showrooms

Auction Room One & Business Office: 81 Greenham Business Park,
Newbury, RG19 6HW
Auction Room Two: 80 Greenham Business Park,
Newbury, RG19 6HW
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Why all the fuss about backup bids? A client bidding in the Ron McCrindell auction left back up bids on his telephone line bids, and whilst on the telephone with Harry, his house was hit by lightning during a bad storm and his telephone line went down. Having been successful with one coach purchase on the phone he was desperate to get the other two lots to make the set. Later when his telephone line was reconnected he was overjoyed that the backup bids had been deployed by the porter and that he had successfully won all his lots. He stated “Fantastic service provided" and assured us he will definitely buy and sell with us again

Mr T. from Sussex

Our Valuation services

Special Auction Services and its valuers are renowned for their professionalism, knowledge and confidentiality. We conduct valuations for many clients, from private individuals, to solicitors, museums, businesses and beyond. Our experienced team of valuers offer you several different types of valuation services.

Our Valuation services

Term & Conditions

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