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Glorious Trains - Part One

Trains & Trains Galore

  • Plenty Close, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5RL, UK

Smaller Gauges

Order of Auction

Lone Star Treble-0-Trains                                Lot 1-5

N Gauge                                                           Lot 6-105

Hornby Dublo 00 Gauge                                Lot 106-165

Continental HO Hauge                                   Lot 166-240

This large collection of Continental HO trains was mostly displayed on an attic layout, consequently many have superficial dust especially to upper surfaces. There is a mix of 2-rail and 3-rail items - please check carefully - we have endeavoured to return items to their correct boxes, and evidently there may be some converted items, including changing some rolling stock wheels, in some cases the originals are included in the box. Some appear to be DCC fitted, though we cannot verify this. Unless otherwise indicated, all are in very good condition

00 and HO Gauge                                             Lot 241-283

Hornby 00 Gauge                                             Lot 284-376

The following five sections are part of a large collection that has been mainly stored out of their boxes, as a result there may be some un-noted damages and missing accessories.

Bachmann 00 Gauge                                        Lot 377-414

Other 00 Gauge                                                Lot 415-480

Continental HO Gauge                                    Lot 481-498

American HO Gauge                                        Lot 499-537

Please note this is a non-attended auction. Viewings although not in person can be arranged via WhatsApp or video calling 

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Price Realised

Featured lots

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