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The Militaria & Collector’s Sale

Collectables, Cigarette Cards, Stamps, Postcards, & Ephemera

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  • Newbury , UK

featuring a Single Owner Collection of Zippo Lighters

Online catalogue can be viewed via SAS live or the

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Our May Militaria & Collector’s Auction features over 1000 lots of items for every Collector

The Collector’s section includes Original Sporting Artwork by Roy Ullyett, a 1957 BSA Goldstar Motorcycle, an Imperial College of Science and Technology Visitors book contained over 3500 signature including Prince Philip, Lord Snowdon and many more, a large collection of Stamps and First Day Covers, Motoring and Sporting items, Cigarette Cards, Postcards, other Royal and Famous Signatures, Collectables and Ephemera.

The Militaria section includes a Single Owner Collection of WWII and later Women’s Uniforms and hat, Part Two of the Single Owner Collection of Cap badges, over 60 lots of medals, plus Memorabilia, Bayonets, Swords, Helmets, Uniforms, and much more.

Order of Auction 

Day 1 Tuesday 10th May - Collectors

Bilgora Collection of 78 Records Part 2 -                               Lot 1 to Lot 197

Collectables                                                                                Lot 198 to Lot 216

Firemarks                                                                                    Lot 217 to Lot 225

Motoring and Transport                                                          Lot 226 to Lot 262

Sporting                                                                                      Lot 263 to Lot 308

Roy Ullyett Original Sporting Artwork                                   Lot 309 to Lot 332

Signatures                                                                                   Lot 333 to Lot 344

Ephemera                                                                                   Lot 345 to Lot 359

Postcards                                                                                    Lot 360 to Lot 367

Cigarette Cards and Silks                                                         Lot 368 to Lot 375

Stamps and First Day Covers                                                   Lot 376 to Lot 422

Lighters                                                                                       Lot 423 to Lot 445

Single Owner Zippo Lighter Collection                                  Lot 446 to Lot 531

Day Two Wednesday 11th May - Militaria

Police                                                                                           Lot 532 to Lot 545

Memorabilia                                                                              Lot 546 to Lot 627

Uniforms, Hats and Helmets                                                   Lot 628 to Lot 693

Third Reich                                                                                 Lot 694 to Lot 731

Cap Badges                                                                                 Lot 732 to Lot 832

Medals and Medallions                                                            Lot 833 to Lot 894

Bayonets and Knives                                                                 Lot 895 to Lot 966

Swords                                                                                        Lot 967 to Lot 983

Firearms and Air Rifles                                                             Lot 984 to 1014

If you wish to consign any of your items in our forthcoming auctions, please contact us.

Please call 01635 580 595 or email to make an appointment

You can register to bid via our website If you are a successful bidder you will be emailed an invoice. Upon receipt of payment via bank transfer, your items can be made ready for collection by appointment only

Price Realised

Featured lots from day one - lot 1 to lot 531

Featured in the sale

Featured in the sale


Goldstar Motorbike

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


Imperial College Visitors Book

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


Beatles Zippo

Featured lots in Day two Lot 532 to Lot 1014

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


Plotter Markers

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


Nurses Uniform

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


4th Battalion Monmouthshire medal group

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