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Glorious Trains Part One

Trains & Trains Galore

  • Newbury , UK

including The Rivarossi Archive Auction Part One

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The Rivarossi Archive Collection

Rails of Sheffield in conjunction with Special Auction Services, are delighted to bring one of the finest and most comprehensive single-brand model railway manufacturers archive collections to the market via a series of auctions throughout 2022/2023: that of Rivarossi of Italy. The first auction is on 12th April 2022 at SAS in Newbury, England. 

Founded in 1945 by Alessandro Rossi and Antonia Riva in Como, Italy, Rivarossi went on to become one of the most influential model railway brands of the second half of the 20th century. From the early use of Bakelite to the pioneering use of plastic mouldings, to the breakthrough into the American market with Associated Hobby Manufacturers in the 1950s and the later development of innovative electronics, the Rivarossi brand prided itself in the production of high quality products that have a rightful place in model railway history.  

The archive, which originally was displayed in a museum in Como, Italy covers the full history of the company from the mid-1940s to 2003, with few exceptions. Starting with the Bakelite Electric Railcars from the 1940s the archive collection comprehensively covers the history of the brand both in Europe and America. Included are locomotives, coaches, wagons, accessories, marketing and factory material from pre-production, prototypes, trial models, special builds, special editions and stock items - the archive runs to many 1,000s of items.  

In a joint statement Rails of Sheffield and SAS commented - 'Bringing the Archive to the market via public auction gives the widest possible opportunity for as many people as possible to gain access to and to own part of such an outstanding and important archive and help secure the future memories of the Rivarossi brand'  

Glorious Trains Part One 

Including The Rivarossi Archive Collection Part One

Lot 1 to Lot 65                                N Gauge

Lot 66 to Lot 68                              Tri-ang 00 Gauge

Lot 69 to Lot 116                            Hornby 00 Gauge

Lot 117 to Lot 134                          Lima 00 Gauge

Lot 135 to Lot 163                          Bachmann 00 Gauge

Lot 164 to Lot 249                          Hornby-Dublo

Lot 250 to Lot265                           Hornby Dublo Neverwas

Lot 266 to Lot 304                          Wrenn 00 Gauge

Lot 305 to Lot 320                          Trix and Exley 00 Gauge

Lot 321 to Lot 344                          Modern 00 Gauge

Lot 345 to Lot 390                           Other 00 Gauge

Lot 391to Lot 400                           Kitbuilt/Scratchbuilt 00 Gauge

Lot 401 to Lot 414                          Hornby AcHO

Lot 415 to Lot 432                          Other European HO Gauge

Lot 433 to Lot 437                          00 Gauge Catalogues

Lot 438 to Lot 462                          Railway Collectables

The Rivarossi Archive Part One: to start no earlier than 2pm

Lot 463 to Lot 480                           Prototypes

Lot 481 to Lot 491                           Blue Line 3-Rail

Lot 492 to Lot 562                           Other Rivarossi European HO Gauge

Lot 563 to Lot 658                           Rivarossi American HO Gauge

Lot 659 to Lot 662                           Miscellaneous items

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The Rivarossi Archive

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The Rivarossi Archive

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