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Glorious Trains Part Two

Trains & Trains Galore

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  • Newbury , UK

Including The Rivarossi Archive Part Two

Two Day Auction

O Gauge & Larger Scales

Online catalogue can be viewed via SAS Live or the

Please book an appointment to view the sale

Day 1 - Tuesday 14th June at 10am

1- 76                      N Gauge

77 – 84                  009, BEMO and TT Gauge

85 – 97                  Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby + early Hornby 00 Gauge

98-226                   Hornby 00 Gauge Margate and China

227-231                Bachmann and Hornby 00 Gauge Thomas Series

232-331                Bachmann 00 Gauge

332-488                Other 00 Gauge

489-494                Kitbuilt 00 Gauge

The following 38 Lots were the property of an accomplished modeller building to professional standards who specialised in building 00 Gauge Southern Electric EMU's and Electric Locomotive kits, most have been seen at Exhibitions and some have featured in the Model Railway Press, most were built in the 1970s and 1980s to a professional standard using kits and other parts available at that time

495-532                Fine kitbuilt Southern Region 00 Gauge, mainly EMUs

533-550                Hornby-Dublo 00 Gauge Pre and Post-War

551-587                Wrenn 00 Gauge

588-659                Continental H0 Gauge

660-689                American HO Gauge

690-718                Railway Collectables and Floor Trains

Day 2 - Wednesday 15th June at 10am

Lots 719-919 form Part 2 of the Rivarossi Archive collection.

719-782                Rivarossi N Gauge

783-844                Rivarossi Continental HO Gauge

845-897                Rivarossi American HO Gauge

898-919                Rivarossi 0 Gauge

920 -   956            Hornby 0 Gauge

957 - 1015            Bassett- Lowke and Exley 0 Gauge

1016-1054            Finescale 0 Gauge

1055-1059            American 0 Gauge

1060-1113            Modern 0 Gauge

1114-1158            Other 0 Gauge

Lots 1159-1242 form the second part of the Geoff Clark Collection          

1159-1171            Bockholt Gauge 1

1172-1173            Aster Live Steam

1174-1194            J&M Models Gauge 1

1195-1204            Markscheffel & Lennartz Gauge 1

1205-1242            Geoff Clark other Gauge 1

1243-1300            Other Vendors Gauge 1

1301-1324            LGB and other similar G Gauge Garden Railways

1425-1327            Aster for Fulgurex Gauge 1

1328-1407            Wide Gauges and Live Steam Models

If you wish to consign any of your items in our forthcoming auctions, please contact us.

Please call 01635 580 595 or email to make an appointment

You can register to bid via our website If you are a successful bidder you will be emailed an invoice. Upon receipt of payment via bank transfer, your items can be made ready for collection by appointment only

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