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The John Garside Collection - Diecast & Toy Auction

Toys for the Collector

  • Newbury , UK

John Garside was a close friend of ours here at SAS. We all respected him greatly and he will be forever remembered. We are honoured to be selling his collection and we hope you enjoy it!

You are welcome to book an appointment today to view the auction as it is all laid out ready for you to come and have a good look around!

Please book an appointment to view the sale by calling 01635 580595

John Garside


John Chadwick Garside was a Yorkshireman, but lived most of his life in the south of England.  He was an estate agent by profession, and later worked for the Leeds Building Society on debt recovery, including dealing with VIP clients – a job in which his undoubted people skills must have been invaluable.

For several years he organised the Windsor Toy Fair for the Maidenhead Static Model Club.  His enthusiasm and hard work promoting the show to stallholders helped it to survive through some difficult years, and he only gave up the role when he turned 80.

John’s toy collection has a French theme, with a large number of CIJ and JRD models, including many of the plaster and flour composition toys from the 1930s.  In later years he became interested in many of the smaller manufacturers, and amassed a large number of models by Timpo, Robin Hood, River Series, etc.  Dibro tinplate toys, Keymen football figures, Crescent shops, Teeny Toy clockwork models, Milton toys from India, Gamda from Israel, and many others caught his attention and joined the collection.

I miss John’s cheery phone calls in which he would tell me about his latest acquisitions, but now it is time to recycle his eclectic collection through this auction sale, so that they continue to give pleasure to toy collectors.

Robert Newson

June 2022

The colour illustrated printed catalogue will be available with a £10 donation straight to The Alexander Devine Children's Hopsice near Maidenhead.

This specialist auction highlights a lifetime of collecting by one of the most respected figures in British Toy Collecting, Mr John Garside. 

Viewing will be at least one week ahead of the auction by appointment.

Order of Auction:

British Diecast                                   Lot 1to Lot 108

French Diecast & Models               Lot 109 to Lot 314

Continental Diecast                        Lot 315 to Lot 346

Indian Diecast                                  Lot 347 to Lot 433

Israeli Diecast                                   Lot 434 to Lot 465

Tinplate Toys                                    Lot 466 to Lot 529

Toys & Collectables                         Lot 530 to Lot 562

Price Realised

Featured lots

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


A CIJ Ref No.37/1 Alfa Romeo
P2 Racing Car 1927



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


A Gamda Transport Toys Series
Egged Worldmaster Bus



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale


A CIJ Ref No.4/47 Panhard Dyna
X Mécaniqu



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