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Diecast & Toys for the Collector - Two Day Auction

Toys for the Collector

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  • Newbury , UK

including The Motor Sport Model Collection of Dr Peter Grey

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The Motor Sport Model Collection of Dr Peter Grey

We are proud and privileged to offer at auction such a fine collection of historic automobile models. The collection was built up over many years by the late Dr Peter Grey, an avid motor sport enthusiast. His doctorate in chemical engineering is reflected in his great desire to achieve marque accuracy, attention to detail and the use of metal(s) as far as possible. He commissioned a number of bespoke models and was fastidiously involved with their makers to ensure he got exactly what he wanted.

One such maker was Tim Dyke of MPH Models. Tim founded MPH in 1987, the company named after his beloved and very rare 1934 Riley MPH. Dr Grey also had a Riley so the bonding was complete! A long-time enthusiastic motor sport competitor, Tim originally specialised at MPH in Le Mans cars from 1949 to 1965, with the aim of making highly accurate and detailed competing models. We asked Tim to put his knowledge, long-0time association with, and recollection of, “the man behind the models” into words, sadly, just before he himself died:

“I first met Peter at a model car show at which I was exhibiting in 1999: this very tall, distinguished-looking chap hove into view, topped off with his familiar chapeau even though the show was indoors. I announced the 1950 Le Mans winning Talbot-Lago model there and this was the first car he ever bought from me. Fate had it that this was one of his favourite cars of all time. So began a marvellous friendship; over the years, we were in contact virtually continuously. As well as purchasing virtually everything I made from that date, he frequently asked my help in buying lots of other subjects of interest to him. He would always ask my view if he was ever not certain about a particular purchase and frequently asked me to buy and sell models on his behalf. I so enjoyed my regular visits to his home, all those pub lunches and motor sport chit-chat! 

He also asked me to make up some other makers' kits, notably a very special enthusiasm of his, a Jaguar XK 120 CoupĂ© from the well-known French maker AMR.  He asked me to do this as a sort of get well soon present to himself when he was coming through the ordeal of throat cancer. This model was cast in white metal, a material he knew I did not like and didn't usually work with. However, he was so keen to have it made, that I couldn't have possibly turned him down at that very difficult time. That model too went into the very top bracket of his enthusiasm.

In recent years most of his latest models ended up in my studio here, for ‘plinthing’. To explain, most models these days come in a clear plastic showcase, but Peter preferred to have them re-mounted on clear acrylic plinths, all of equal size, so his collection took on a uniform format. 

Some time ago I attempted to catalogue all his models by scale, maker and subject but sadly I didn't bring it up to date in most recent times, but this catalogue now does the job fully. It truly is a very remarkable model collection”

Tim Dyke, MPH Models, 7 December 2020

Day 1

Peter Grey Model Car Collection 1-211

Pocher 212-228

Modern Diecast & Models 229-262

Dinky Toy Cars 263-287

Dinky Toy Commercials 288-339

Dinky Toy Military & Aircraft 340-347

Dinky Toy Trade Accessories 348-352

French Dinky Toys 353-361

Corgi Toys 362-389

Matchbox 390-422

Tri-ang Spot-On 423-433

Various Diecast & Models 434-462

Scalextric & Other Slot Cars 463-514

Day 2

Star Wars 515-607

Vintage Computers & Gaming 608-613

Toys & Collectables 614-634

Tinplate Toys 635-693

Meccano & Other Construction Toys 694-704

Aircraft Models 705-725

Marine Models 726-773

Kits 774-831

The Mellor Collection 832-971

King & Country 972-996

Various Lead, Plastic & Other Figures 997-1128

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