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Popular Diecast Toys & Trains

Toys for the Collector

  • Newbury , UK

Including a large collection of Eddie Stobart diecast

Please book an appointment to view the sale

Order of auction 

Lot 1 to Lot 67                                Single owner Eddie Stobart Diecast Collection

Lot 67 to Lot 206                            Diecast Vehicles

Lot 207 to Lot 227                          Diecast and Plastic Aircraft

Lot 228vto Lot 283                         Kits

Lot 284 to Lot 324                          Metal and Plastic Figures

Lot 325to Lot 354                           Toys

Lot 355 to Lot 382                          N Gauge, 009, TT and other Narrow Gauge Trains

Lot 383to Lot 410                           Tri-ang, Tri-ang-Hornby and early Hornby 00 Gauge

Lot 411 to Lot 449                          Hornby 00 Gauge

Lot 450 to Lot 458                          Bachmann 00 Gauge

Lot 459 to Lot 487                          Hornby-Dublo 00 Gauge

Lot 488 to Lot 495                          Wrenn 00 Gauge

Lot 496 to Lot 558                          Other RTR OO Gauge

Lot 559 to Lot 566                          Kitbuilt 00 Gauge

Lot 567 to Lot 575                          Continental HO Gauge

Lot 576 to Lot 594                          Railway Collectables and Books

Lot 595 to Lot 627                          Hornby and other makers 0 Gauge

Lot 628 to Lot 636                          Modern O Gauge

Lot 637 to Lot 646                          LGB and other makers G Scale

Lot 647 to Lot 666                          Wide Gauges and Live Steam

If you wish to consign any of your items in our forthcoming auctions, please contact us.

Please call 01635 580 595 or email to make an appointment

You can register to bid via our website If you are a successful bidder you will be emailed an invoice. Upon receipt of payment via bank transfer, your items can be made ready for collection by appointment only

Price Realised

Featured lots from our Eddie Stobart collection

Lot 4

Corgi Eddie Stobart Diecast Haulage Vehicles, three boxed 1:50 scale limited edition examples


£100 - £120

Lot 6

Corgi Eddie Stobart Diecast Haulage Vehicles, three boxed 1:50 scale limited edition examples


£100 - £120

Lot 28

Corgi Eddie Stobart Diecast Haulage Vehicles, a boxed group includes 17 articulated trucks


£100 - £120

Featured lots

Lot 235

Italeri Military and Civilian Helicopters Kits


£100 - £120

Lot 335

1970S DC and Other Comics, various examples


£120 - £160

Lot 443

Hornby 00 Gauge Steam Locomotives


£140 - £180

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