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Trains Galore: Part One - Three Day Auction

Trains & Trains Galore

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  • Newbury , UK

The World Famous Model and Toy Train Auction will feature all gauges of trains along with Railwayana and live steam and other models

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Trains Galore

Day One

Lots 1 to 18 - N Gauge

Lots 19 to 46 - Rivarossi Arnold N Gauge Archive Models

Lots 47 to 136 - Various HO Narrow Gauge Models

Lots 137 to 231 - Tri-ang TT Gauge

Lots 232 to 241 - Other TT Gauge

Lots 242 to 262 - Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby and early Hornby OO Gauge

Lots 263 to 325 - Hornby OO Gauge

Lots 326 to 361 - Hornby-Dublo OO Gauge

Lots 362 to 370 - Wrenn OO Gauge

Lots 371 to 381 - Trix and Bing Table Top OO Gauge

Lots 382 to 403 - Bachmann OO Gauge

Lots 404 to 409 - Lima OO Gauge

Lots 410 to 423 - Dapol 00 Gauge

Lots 424 to 474 - Other 00 Gauge

Day Two

Lots 475 to 553 - Kitbuilt OO Gauge

Lots 554 to 586 - London Underground Kitbuilt and RTR OO Gauge

Lots 587 to 607 - OO Gauge Trams

Lots 608 to 624 - Finescale OO Gauge

Lots 625 to 722 - The Pierce Carlson Collection Part One OO Gauge British Finescale

Lots 723 to 822 - The Pierce Carlson Collection Part Two OO Gauge American Brass

Lots 823 to 926 - HO Gauge

Lots 927 to 967 - Rivarossi HO Gauge Archive Continental Models

Lots 968 to 999 - Rivarossi HO Gauge Archive American Models

Lots 1000 to 1009 - Other American HO Gauge

Day Three

Lots 1010 to 1068 -  Railway Collectables and Railway Jigsaws and Pictures

Lots 1069 to 1073 - Finescale O Gauge Section 1

Lots 1074 to 1088 - Hornby O Gauge

Lots 1089 to 1150 - Bassett-Lowke and Exley O Gauge

Lots 1151 to 1201 - Other O Gauge

Lots 1202 to 1303 - Finescale O Gauge Section 2

Lots 1304 to 1322 - O Gauge Trams

Lots 1323 to 1371 - Modern O Gauge

Lots 1372 to 1439 - Vintage Gauge 1

Lots 1440 to 1444 - Modern Gauge 1

Lots 1445 to 1544 - Wide Gauges and Live Steam

The Pierce Carlson Collection

Part One – Lot 625 to Lot 722

British-Outline 00 Gauge 4mm Finescale Rolling Stock

Part Two – Lot 723 to Lot 822

US-Outline H0 Gauge Japanese and Korean Brass Locomotives and Rolling Stock


For several decades, Pierce was a very well-known and well-liked feature of the vintage toy and train collecting world. He had numerous friends in the hobby, both in his original homeland in the USA and over here in his adoptive country. His move here was entirely our gain, as we all had the regular pleasure of enjoying his wisdom, his knowledge, his kindness, his skill as a raconteur, and, above all, his wit. All who knew him will remember the way that he leant forward slightly, often seeming to peer beadily just under the top rim of his glasses, preparatory to releasing a few pertinent, pithy and amusing ‘bons mots’.

Fortunately, Pierce was not one to keep his knowledge to himself: in 1986 Victor Gollancz published Pierce’s excellent book ‘Toy Trains – A History’ and no railway book collection is complete without it. I have particular reason to be grateful to him, as we worked together on a book in 2001 and he cast an avuncular eye over my meandering prose.

When Pierce dispersed part of his original vintage toy and train collection a decade ago, he was left in a situation that chills the blood of the dedicated (or incurable) collector: empty display cabinets. Thus, at full tilt, he filled them with some of the models offered in this auction, with more similar auctions to follow in 2023, as well his large and impressive collection of Bassett-Lowke and other waterline models. The world is a duller place without him.

Hugo Marsh

If you wish to consign any of your items in our forthcoming auctions, please contact us.

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You can register to bid via our website If you are a successful bidder you will be emailed an invoice. Upon receipt of payment via bank transfer, your items can be made ready for collection by appointment only

Featured lots: DAY ONE

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Arnold N Gauge Two Axle Covered Goods Wagons Box Cars and Others



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Bemo Exclusive Metal Collection 2000 H0m Gauge Steam Snow Plough



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Tri-ang and Tri-ang Hornby Blue Pullman Sets and unboxed Rolling Stock



Featured lots: DAY TWO

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Bachmann 00 Gauge 35-990 London Underground S Stock Motorised 4-Car Train Pack and additional Coaches



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Overland Models H0 Gauge Erie 'L-1' Angus Type 0-8-8-0 2601 'Camelback' 2601 OMI-1547 1 1920s era



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Rivarossi H0 Gauge FS black Steam Locomotives and Tenders



Featured lots: DAY THREE

Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

Southern Railway Enamelled Station Target Sign 'Bournemouth West'



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

A Bockholt Gauge 1 Deutsche Reichsbahn class 52 steam 2-10-0 Locomotive and Tender



Featured in this sale

Featured in this sale

An uncommon 0 Gauge (narrow gauge) live steam gas-fired Penrhyn Railway 'main line' Hunslet locomotive



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