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Military & Collector’s Auction including Scientific and Dentistry


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  • Newbury, UK

*Viewing Air Weapons: 

  • By appointment only.
  • Let us know which lots you would like to view before your appointment.


  • No postage for Bladed items, we can supply pack only at a cost, the buyer to organise own collection as soon after the sale as possible.
  • Air weapons 18+ to purchase, face to face collection or pack only service, buyers to sort collection, section 21 disclaimer must be signed before releasing of lot.


  • Prefered method, Bank Transfer or UK Registered Debit Card.
  • International Buyers must pay by Bank Transfer only.
  • (No Credit Cards Accepted) 


If you wish to consign any of your items in our forthcoming auctions, please contact us.

Please call 01635 580 595 or email to make an appointment

You can register to bid via our website If you are a successful bidder you will be emailed an invoice. Upon receipt of payment via bank transfer, your items can be made ready for collection by appointment only

Price Realised

Featured Lots - Day 1

Lot 187

A Waxwork Cross Section of a Dissected Human Head


£400 - £500

Lot 544

James Corbett sculpture of a vintage racecar


£1,000 - £1,500

Featured Lots - Day 2

Lot 1074

A pair of John Hosey Flintlock pistols


£800 - £1,200

Order of Auction

Day One - Auction Start - 14th May 2024 @ 10:00 am BST

Lots 001 to 024 - Mechanical Music

Lots 025 to 124 - Part One of a Single Owner Collection of Gramophone Needle Tins

Lots 125 to 169 - Pharmaceutical

Lots 170 to 202 - The James Barrie Shaw Collection of Dental History and Technology

Lots 203 to 337 - Scientific Instruments and Equipment

Lots 338 to 343 - Collectables

Lots 344 to 390 - Tribal Works

Lots 391 to 402 - Maps

Lots 403 to 427 - Stamps and First Day Covers

Lots 428 to 432 - Postcards

Lots 433 to 452 - Cigarette and Trade Cards

Lots 453 to 491 - Zippo and Pocket Lighters

Lots 492 to 505 - Sporting

Lots 506 to 526 - Cycling

Lots 527 to 581 - Motoring

Lots 582 to 586 - Aviation

Lots 587 to 605 - Nautical

End of Day One


Day Two - Auction Start - 15th May 2024 @ 10:00 am BST

Lots 606 to 678 - Military Memorabilia

Lots 679 to 687 - Third Reich

Lots 688 to 710 - Uniforms and Helmets

Lots 711 to 724 - Cap Badges and Buttons

Lots 725 to 755 - Orders and Medals

Lots 756 to 810 - Part One of a Single Owner Collection of WWI British Medals

Lots 811 to 824 - Truncheons

Lots 825 to 827 - Air Weapon Accessories

Lots 828 to 854 - Air Pistols*

Lots 855 to 898 - Air Rifles*

Lots 899 to 915 - Weapons

Lots 916 to 986 - Knives

Lots 987 to 1013 - Bayonets

Lots 1014 to 1041 - Swords and Sidearms

Lots 1042 to 1054 - Firearms Accessories

Lots 1055 to 1078 - Antique Pistols

Lots 1079 to 1083 - Antique Rifles and Muskets

End of Day Two

 Part 1 - Single Owner collection of

Gramophone and other Needle Tins



The James Barrie Show Collection of Dentistry & Dental Technology


James Barrie Shaw

Barrie as he liked to be called started his career in Dental Technology immediately on leaving school. He was indentured as an apprentice with a Huddersfield Dentist Claude Goodman in March 1951.

Barrie studied in Bradford for his City and Guilds Intermediate Certificate qualifying 29/04/1953 followed by City and Guilds Final certificate in 09/05/1955.

Barrie stayed with the same laboratory on completion of his qualifications until called up for National Service, joining as a Dental Nurse no places were available as a Dental Technician.
On leaving National Service his old job was no longer available. Barrie found a job in Wakefield in a Specialised Orthodontic laboratory. He went to night school to Qualify as a teacher obtaining his Technical Teachers Certificate in 1960. It was during this time he bought his first home converting the small bedroom into a laboratory. He used to comment it was a good job he was a night owl.

Barrie then found a job back in Huddersfield and worked on a night for a number of dental practices specialising in orthodontics, and crown and bridge work.

Barrie became interested in Dental history early in his career but in the early 1960’s he began collecting old dental items. Dental practices would invite him to look through practices that were refitting or closing down to collect items that he was interested in before everything was removed. Practices would also call him to give him first refusal for items they felt he may be interested in.

Barrie had gained a reputation as someone who was interested in collecting Dental historical items.
In 1964 Barrie became the first new Instructor for 34 years in the teaching laboratory at Leeds Dental Hospital. Gaining promotion to Chief Instructor in Dental Technology in 1966. The role involved teaching Dental Surgery students Dental Technology so that they were able to understand what they would prescribing for their patient’s.

Barrie obtained his Advanced City and Guilds General Dental Work certificate in 1966, the following year completing his Advanced City and Guilds Orthodontics certificate in 1967, these qualifications usually take 2 years each to obtain.
In 1966 Barrie won The Englehard Award Institute of British Surgical Technicians (LIBST) completion for Partial Denture Construction, receiving a Gold Watch.

In 1968 Barrie contacted all Chief Instructors in other Dental Schools in the UK. The Inaugural meeting of the Society of University Dental Instructors (SUDI) in 1969 becoming their first President of the Society the society was very active for over 40 years his daughter who followed him in becoming Chief Instructor in Leeds University was the society President in its 40th year in Leeds. Unfortunately SUDI folded a few years after due to the reduction of Instructors in all Dental Schools the Chain of office as we understand was given to the GDC museum.

The first Student Dental Technician course started in 1976 and Barrie was the main tutor his daughter being one of the two students on the course, this was in addition to his other roles within the Dental School.
In 1978 Barrie applied and was successful in becoming one of three members of staff establishing a Dental School in Hong Kong. The role entailed the designing and setting up of both the Dental Surgery student teaching and patient production laboratories. When he arrived in Hong Kong the building was just being designed and construction starting.
Barrie’s role also required him to set up a new Dental Technology Teaching school for Dental Technicians. Hiring staff for all areas, developing methods used in student recruitment for both schools.

The Prince Philip Hong Kong Dental School was opened on the 24th March 1981 by Prince Philip, who was then the President of the British Dental Association. Prince Philip spent a lot of time in the teaching laboratories being show about by Barrie pictures enclosed, Prince Philip showed a keen interest in what the students were doing.

In 1983 for personal reasons Barrie returned to England. He became sales manager for Metrodent a dental company in Huddersfield unfortunately this role didn’t fulfil him.
Barrie decided to open his own laboratory fulfilling a life time dream of having his own laboratory, with his daughter working part time. The dream didn’t last long. In 1987 he accepted the position of Chief technician running the production laboratory at Manchester Dental School. He enjoyed this role but missed teaching so a few years later accepted the position of Senior Dental Instructor at Manchester Metropolitan University teaching on the BSc (Hons) course concentrating on teaching Dental Technicians All aspects of dental technology. This was a role that really suited him passing on his knowledge and experience to future Technicians.

Due to being very active in a lot of Societies and teaching both future Dentists and Dental Technicians, Barrie was quite well known especially in Yorkshire.
Barrie eventually retired due to ill health but his collection, collected throughout his career kept his interest in Dentistry giving exhibitions in local museums.

Sadly Barrie passed away in January 2018.


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