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Photographica & Cameras Auction


  • Newbury, UK

Online catalogue will be published 2-3 weeks before the sale date.

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If you wish to consign any of your items in our forthcoming auctions, please contact us.

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You can register to bid via our website If you are a successful bidder you will be emailed an invoice. Upon receipt of payment via bank transfer, your items can be made ready for collection by appointment only

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Photographica Condition Classes

For the guidance of buyers, condition statements have been given in this catalogue, with further descriptive comments added where appropriate; extra images for certain lots, usually the higher value ones, are available in the online catalogue on our website. The condition codes relate primarily to the camera body: specific defects may still not be noted - especially to parts such as light meters, rangefinders, and the electronics on more modern cameras. Electrical items should be treated as non-functional and for decorative purposes, unless otherwise stated. Prospective buyers should always satisfy themselves as to the detailed condition of a lot and are referred to our 'conditions of sale' within the Terms & Conditions page of our website. Our specialists are pleased to answer specific questions and can provide additional condition reports and images via on request.


Lots marked (a lot), (qty) or (AF) are sold as found, these can be large lots of varied condition or quality, and should be carefully inspected prior to the auction.


Cosmetic Condition

E              Excellent - As new ex-factory condition camera, apparently unused, and lens body, where fitted.

VG          Very Good - Minimal marks or wear to camera body, and lens body where fitted.

G             Good - Light marks, wear or spotting to camera body, slight brassing to some  edges possible, and to lens body where fitted.

F              Fair - Normal use and wear to camera, some brassing or abrasion likely, and to lens  body, where fitted.

P             Poor - Heavy use and wear to the camera, some damage, or missing parts likely,  and to lens body, where fitted.

AF           As Found - Untested.



Shutter function is indicated as working, not working, inaccurate, not functioning accurately at slower speeds or not tested in the case of cameras with electronic shutters that require batteries; as shutters are often fragile, continued function throughout the auction process cannot be guaranteed and prospective buyers should satisfy themselves of their function, either in person or via our condition reports.



E              Excellent - As new ex-factory condition, apparently unused and pristine.

VG          Very Good - Minimal marking or wear, some external dust specks possible.

G             Good - Light marks, wear, or spotting (slight hazing/fungus possible), possible cleaning marks or slight imperfections to lens coatings.

F              Fair - Use and wear, some cloudiness to exterior and internal elements, haze, fungus, spotting likely.

P             Poor - Heavy use and wear, including cloudiness, damage, damp damage, glue discolouration, heavy fungal growth/haze, or element separation.

AF           As Found - Untested.


Where lenses are lotted individually or in small groups, the cosmetic condition of the lens bodies and lens elements are described separately; in some cases, lenses on cameras are given a separate grading if their condition differs significantly from the body.

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