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Green Light To Sell You Amber...

Green Light For Amber – Why it is time to sell your amber bead necklaces

With the current market hungry for certain types of amber necklaces, it is definitely the right time to get yours looked at.

Due to their plastic bead appearance, and the difficulty to identify them, often these hidden gems are simply passed off as costume jewellery however, we are selling good examples for their similar weight in gold!

Before you start rummaging through your bakelite and are fooled into thinking you have an expensive example, there are several key things to factor in, number one being to get them checked out by us.

One of the main reasons for this advice is that we are already seeing good and convincing to the untrained eye, forgeries of this prehistoric amber being made in China and the Far East. These replicas or forgeries will soon be working their way into circulation and thus potentially devaluing the genuine article.


Below is an example of a string of amber from a very good client who has been downsizing with us over the past couple of years. They came in on one of our busy valuation days and along with some interesting pieces within the boxes that they had not known about, we pulled out this amber bead necklace. Although estimated at £300 to £500 it sold as you can see for £980 on 14th February.

The fashion for this type of amber necklace is mostly dominated in the Middle East however, as mentioned, with the potential introduction of fake examples, it really is wise to get yours looked at.

We hold a Free Valuation Day every Wednesday and to book your appointment to see Thomas Plant at Special Auction Services, please call 01635 580 595 

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