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Newsletter - The last dance

The last dance is fast approaching. It is with a heavy heart, the hammer will fall for the final time up in the Midlands as we present our final auction in Dudley. It’s been an amazing journey watching Dudley grow and achieve the endless success it has earnt over the past 14 months. Auctioneer Manager, Jessica Forrester and her team should be immensely proud of their achievements and the growth delivered up in the West Midlands. Let’s not forget our Midlands venture began in the peak of a global pandemic! SAS Dudley was gaining real presence up in the Midlands but sadly, as was announced at the start of the month, commercial challenges not being able to agree terms with the landlord has forced the music to stop. One final auction remains before the hammer goes down for the final time on lot 894, this is the last dance.... Thank you to all our buyers and vendors you’ve been amazing! Again SAS will very much remain present in the Midlands with regular valuations and home visits. Keep an eye on our website for further details.


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