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TWO DAY: Trains Galore

Trains & Trains Galore

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  • Plenty Close, Off Hambridge Road, NEWBURY RG14 5RL, UK

Trains Galore 

Including the Henry Muller Collection

The largest auction of model and toy trains in the UK

DAY ONE - Tuesday 15th December at 10:00

1-42                       N Gauge

43-50                     Lone Star 000 and Tri-ang TT Gauge

51-64                     Bing Table Top 00 Gauge

65-78                     Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby and early Hornby 00 Gauge

79-163                   Hornby 00 Gauge (Margate and China)

164-204                 Bachmann 00 Gauge

205-252                 Hornby-Dublo

253-269                 Wrenn 00 Gauge

270-309                 Other 00 Gauge

310-347                 Kitbuilt 00 Gauge

348-463                 Continental H0 Gauge

464-480                 American H0 Gauge

481-516                 Catalogues and Ephemera

517-528                 Prints and Paintings

529-546                 Railway Signs

547-580                 Railwayana

581-613                 Signalling Equipment and Accessories

DAY TWO- Wednesday 16th December at 10:00

614-619                 Toy and Floor Trains

620-746                 French Hornby 0 Gauge

The following 22 lots form an exceptional collection of Bobigny-produced French Hornby 0 Gauge 'Paris - Orléans' (PO) Electric bonneted locomotives, with both pre-war and post-war variants, all are in authentic original colours, and all are in stout but non-original boxes

747-858                 Hornby 0 Gauge

859-945                 Bassett-Lowke and Exley 0 Gauge

946-967                 Marklin 0 Gauge

968-1011              Finescale 0 Gauge

1012-1043            Modern 0 Gauge

1044-1172            0ther 0 Gauge

1173-1186            Vintage Gauge 1

1187-1189            LGB

1190-1193            Modern Gauge 1

1194-1233            Wide Gauges and Live Steam

 The Henry 'Karl' Muller Collection of Trains: Lots 1129 to Lot 1162

Born:  Halle, Germany, 22 March 1922

Henry Muller came over to the UK in 1945, settled in Reading, then Berkshire, met Pauline and married in 1953.

Henry quickly established himself as a very able mechanical engineer.  He kept land army vehicles running, eventually gaining employment on his beloved GWR, working between Reading, Oxford, Swindon and Paddington, where he repaired and tested the locomotives.  This was his dream job, and what he didn’t know about steam locomotives could be written on the back of a postage stamp.  He was mentored by Ernie Nutty, who soon became a lifelong friend and mentor.

Henry's interest in steam first came about when he was about 2½ years old, when he used to perch himself on the back of the sofa and watch the locomotives and wagons bring up brown coal from a pit situated opposite his grandmother’s house. He often told stories of how he snuck off school to ‘help’ on the footplate from the tender age of 8!

Henry’s modelling career began from a very early age too – as his dad was the village policeman, Henry was lucky enough to live in the village police house which fortunately had a decent sized loft where he, with aid of his uncle, spent many hours on his layout.

On arriving in Reading, Henry was befriended by Charlie and Ethel Cooper, who became my godparents.  Charlie had an ‘0’ gauge layout around his 120ft garden, and the two of them spent many happy hours making locomotives, etc at the kitchen table.  Most of the older locomotives were made from scratch, using nickel silver and copper sheet and mostly of the engines he worked on whilst working on the railways.  4079 Pendennis Castle was his all-time favourite – especially having worked on her during his time as a fitter.  He often related tales of how beautifully she ran - what a gem of an engine, he would recall, along with many stories of how the crew stoked up the  locomotives to keep strict times going 'to Pad' for the 'bowler hat brigade'.

Wherever we lived, Dad would have a layout - not a small one but one doing a complete lap of the garden, into the engine shed and back out again, complete with signalling, scenery and even a model of the Saltash Bridge, Isambard Kingdom Brunel being his hero. 

Henry also had a keen interest in German railways, and had models of the tram that used to run in his home town, and various other German locomotives and rolling stock.

After the late 1950s modernisation, Dad became very involved in sourcing and  securing various rolling stock, diesel railcars and locomotives from Barry Island, and anywhere else he could get his hands on, for The Severn Valley Railway in Bridgnorth and Didcot Preservation Group, plus others -  every weekend during my early teens were spent sleeping in a dining car and helping Mum provide teas for the chaps who were working on the engines. 

Throughout his life, his love of steam and the GWR was very evident, his passion carried him through until he passed away in 2006.  I now have the heart-wrenching job of putting his collection up for auction, as was his wish.  He and I would love this collection to be enjoyed, used and loved by those who, like him, have an enduring love of the steam engine.

Denise Taylor (daughter)

June 2020

Cataloguer's Note: the locomotives by Henry Muller were clearly built to run and the detailing in their construction reflects his deep knowledge of the prototypes; all are fitted with 'skate' pickups for 3rd-rail or stud-contact operation, some of these have quite limited vertical travel and, whilst they should function quite normally on 'level' track may have difficulties if using 'raised 3rd-rail' track

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Featured lots

Lot 1233

A fine 5" Gauge Scratch-built Live Steam Coal-fired GWR 'Saint' Class 4-6-0 Locomotive



Lot 1207

A 5" Gauge Live Steam Coal-fired GWR 48xx Class 0-4-2 Tank Locomotive, well-built by



Lot 1204

A rare Schönner Gauge IV (75mm - 2?") live steam SECR 'Wainwright' 4-4-0 Locomotive



Featured lots

Lot 1190

A Finescale Gauge 1 electric LMS 'Jubilee' class Locomotive



Lot 1183

Lot 1183 of 1233:
An Uncommon Biaggi Gauge 1 3-rail electric 'Britannia' class Locomotive



Lot 1178

A Bing for Bassett-Lowke Gauge 1 Live Steam LNWR 'Sir Gilbert Claughton' 4-6-0 Locomotive



Featured lots - all aboard



An exceptionally original bing for Bassett-Lowke O gauge electric London, Brighton and south Coast Railway 4-4-2 tank locomotive No11 circa 1912





A Leeds for Bassett-Lowke O gauge ‘ Pickersgill’ 4-4-0 locomotive and tender No 77. Circa 1922





An exceptional scratch built O gauge model of the unique Great Eastern Railway ‘Decapod’ 0-10-0. Experimental Tank Locomotive



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